Used Screener Parts

JM Industrial buys and sells used and unused screener parts from leading manufacturers in various specifications. You can buy screener parts from brand like SWECO, Rotex, and more. Browse our vast inventory of used and surplus screener parts. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Screeners are the most important components in screening equipment and machinery used for filtering, sorting, and separating materials. They segregate materials depending on different parameters such as shape, size, and other physical properties. These screeners consist of different parts, such as wire mesh screens, which determine the particle size allowed to pass through, the frame that provides structural support, and the motor or mechanism responsible for the vibratory or rotary motion that facilitates the screening process. Today, screeners and their parts are available tailored to specific applications.

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Types of Screeners Parts Offered By JM Industrial

JM Industrial offers the following screener types at the most competitive prices.

  • Vibratory Screeners: These are commonly known as vibrating screeners, and they operate on the principle of imparting vibratory motion to a screening surface. The vibratory screener parts include the screen mesh, vibrator motor, support structure, and drive unit. They separate materials based on size. The material is introduced onto the screen, and the vibrator motor initiates rapid vibrations, causing particles to move along the screen surface. JM Industrial offers high-quality used vibratory screener parts based on the application requirement. 
  • Round Screeners: They are commonly called round vibratory or circular vibratory screeners. These are specialized devices that operate in a circular motion for separating and classifying materials based on size. JM Industrial offers used round screeners consisting of a circular screen deck, a drive mechanism, and an inlet and outlet for material flow. As material is fed onto the screen, the centrifugal force from the circular motion facilitates the separation of particles as per the size. Our used round screener parts find application across industries such as food processing, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals, where precise and efficient particle sizing is crucial for quality and production control.  
  • Round Sandwich Screeners: Round sandwich screeners feature a circular screen deck enclosed between two perforated plates, creating a sandwich configuration. The materials to be screened are introduced onto the screen, and circular motion generated by the drive mechanism; this facilitates efficient particle separation. These screeners are particularly useful when dealing with fine powders or materials prone to sticking as the enclosed design helps prevent dusting and contamination. We at JM source used round sandwich screener parts from reliable industry suppliers. 
  • Plastic Pallet Screeners: They have become crucial to the recycling industry. They are designed to separate and classify plastic materials. Plastic pallet screeners consist of a durable screen deck, a drive mechanism, and a feed inlet, which introduce plastic pallets into the screening process. The drive mechanism imparts the rotational motion to the screen, separating contaminants and oversized pieces from the desired output. Plastic pallet screeners promote sustainability and reduce environmental impact by enabling the extraction of reusable components from discarded plastic pallets.
  • Mesh Screeners: Mesh screeners utilize a mesh made of woven wire or other perforated materials. The material is introduced onto the mesh, wherein its apertures determine which particles can pass through. Depending on the application, mesh screeners come in various configurations, including flat screens and cylindrical drums. JM Industrial provides a round sandwich screener with 325 mesh. Our 325 mesh screeners are versatile and adaptable, addressing the diverse needs of industries. 

Why Choose Used Screener Parts for Your Application?

Considering used screener parts benefits in many ways. The following are compelling reasons you might consider used screener parts for your applications.

  • Availability: Often, the older version of screeners or any specific parts might not be in production. The used screener parts can be a great option when replacements are hard to find. This way, you can minimize delays, which results in increased productivity. 
  • Compatibility: When using an older screener model, finding new parts compatible with it might be challenging. Used parts from a similar model ensure proper fitment and compatibility. This facilitates a smoother replacement process. 
  • Sustainability: Used parts align with sustainability practices that promote the reuse of materials. This approach is more environmentally friendly than producing brand-new parts. This is because producing new parts requires more time and money. Also, the demand for raw materials and energy consumption is reduced. 
  • Testing and Reliability: We as used equipment suppliers thoroughly test and refurbish these parts before they are sold. This ensures that the equipment meets better quality standards compared to even new parts. This testing gives an idea of the performance of the used parts, and any issues can be fixed.
  • Budget Constraints: Used equipment can be a feasible option for those with limited budgets. Considering used screener parts can be a cost-effective way to keep your equipment operational. Used parts are typically more affordable, allowing you to reduce equipment maintenance and repair expenses.
  • Customization: Many users may prefer older models of screeners, considering their specific application needs. Used parts allow them to maintain and customize their existing equipment rather than adapting to new technologies. 

Why Consider JM Industrial for Screener Parts?

Several players in the industry today offer used and surplus screener parts. JM Industrial stands out in the competition owing to its quality products and return on investment (ROI). With years of market presence and experience, we can offer screener parts with custom specifications. Here are some reasons to choose JM Industrial for used screener parts.

  • JM Industrial stocks various screener parts such as Rotex, SWECO, mesh, round deck separators, plastic pellet screeners, and more. With various options available, you can find the perfect fit for your specific application.
  • We perform quality checks to ensure it meets our stringent standards. We conduct testing and inspection of these products upon arrival and before they are shipped out. This commitment to quality gives confidence to our clients while buying.
  • We are known for our quick turnaround times, especially for used SWECO screener parts for sale and used Rotex screener parts for sale. We ensure, they are almost always there in our inventory.
  • We provide technical user manuals with all our products. This makes the installation process smooth. Our team of experts will assist you throughout the process. They can address your queries and provide an appropriate solution. 
  • In addition to using SWECO screener parts and vibratory screener parts, we offer material handling equipment at the most competitive prices. You can entirely rely on us without worrying about the quality of the product. 

Applications of Used and Surplus Screener Parts

Our screener parts find applications where material separation, sorting, and screening are essential. Here are some applications of screener parts.

  • Mining and Quarrying
  • Construction
  • Recycling
  • Food Processing
  • Waste Management
  • Pulp and Paper Industry
  • Chemical and Pharmaceutical
  • Plastics and Rubber Processing
  • Ceramics and Glass Manufacturing


Our unwavering commitment to delivering high-quality and performance-driven equipment has made us a trusted supplier in the industry. Our experts guide you in finding an optimal solution tailored to meet the application requirements. Contact us today to learn more about the surplus and used screener parts we offer.

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