Used Diverter Valves

JM industrial buys and sells used diverter valves from leading manufacturers in various specifications. You can buy diverter valves from brands like Salina Vortex, Young Industries, Inc., SEMCO Inc., Rotolok, Smoot, Dynamic Air Inc., MAC Equipment, Fuller, Tex-Veyor and more. If you are currently interested in purchasing Unused diverter valves, browse the list below that we currently have in stock. Our used, as well as surplus diverter valves, are thoroughly checked for quality, accuracy, and so on before they are shipped out. If you have used diverter valves that you wish to sell, you can contact us.

A diverter is a small device used to divert the flow of fluid or water in a certain direction. Diverter valves help divert this flow from an inlet to multiple outlets. It is also used to reroute certain fluids and even dry materials from one conveyor line to another.

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How Many Types of Used and Surplus Diverter Valves at J&M Industrial?

Most of our valves are made of aluminum, stainless steel, mild steel, and other durable materials. Hence, they are designed to withstand corrosion, abrasive fluids, extreme weather parameters, and so on. We offer a variety of surplus and used industrial diverter valves. Here are some of them.

  • Gravity Diverter Valve: They are used for rerouting fluids with gravity. They can be operated through a pneumatic gas cylinder or a linear actuator. You will always find our used gravity diverter valves in excellent working condition.
  • Pneumatic Diverter Valve: Also called pneumatic conveying diverter valves, these valves are used to reroute or transfer dry materials, powders, granules, and more from one conveyor belt to another. This is mostly operated with the help of an actuator which helps change the direction of flow or transfer.
  • Vortex Diverter Valve: These are used for rerouting dry materials in applications with gravity flow. They are also used in conveyor assembly applications. With this type of valve, one can perform periodic maintenance in a non-destructive manner.
  • Hydraulic Rotary Diverter Valve: This valve has a rotor which rotates the valve based on the direction of transfer of fluids. These are also called rotary control valves.

What are the Applications of Diverter Valves?

There are many applications of diverter valves across industries. Here are some of the application areas:

  • Water and wastewater
  • Chemicals
  • Pulp & paper
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food processing
  • Agriculture
  • Bathrooms and faucets

Why Buy Used Diverter Valves?

There are many benefits of investing in the right type of diverter valve. Here are some of them.

  • Reduced carbon footprint: Optimal and careful selection as well as utilization of resources is key to reducing wastage, energy consumption, and so on. A new diverter valve would require a new set of metals, energy, and so on. Instead of this, investing in economical yet good quality diverter valves save on the carbon footprint, making it an ecofriendly product. You save on resources as well as power.
  • Depreciation: You may be surprised to know but the amount of depreciation in a bit old and used valves is much lesser than the new valves. So, you can actually buy these valves with minimum wear, good quality, and an affordable price. When sourcing from us, we can be sure of getting well maintained diverter valves along with post sales maintenance services and minimal or no depreciation.
  • Availability: We have most of the valve types almost always stored in our inventory. Hence, they can be shipped whenever you require. Their immediate availability saves on overall cost and production downtime as there is no waiting period. Almost always, you can buy it outright.

This is a great platform to buy or sell any type of diverter valve in good condition, and our team will have them inspected thoroughly before they are shipped out to a client. Our several years of experience, a strong technical expertise for customization, and excellent customer service are key aspects which have helped us get the same customers for different requirements as well as referrals. If you need to share any requirement or have any questions about our diverter valves, butterfly valves, knife gate valves, and rotary valves, do reach us via phone or email.

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