Used Liquid Process Valves

JM Industrial buys and sells used liquid process valves from leading manufacturers in various specifications. You can buy liquid process valves from brands like Jamesbury, Laurence, Dezurik, Fetterolf, MARS Mineral Corp., Flowserve, XOMOX, Eagle America, Durco Flowserve, AT Controls and more. Liquid process valves are used to control the flow of gases, liquids, and slurries in various enclosures including pipes, as directed by a controller. These process valves are widely used across industries and make a deep impact on process outcomes. If you are currently interested in purchasing Unused liquid process valves, browse the list below that we currently have in stock. JM Industrial stocks various types of used Valves for sale. If you have used liquid process valves that you wish to sell, please contact us.

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What Are the Types of Liquid Process Valves Offered by JM Industrial?

At JM Industrial, we provide a broad range of liquid process valves, including the following:

  • Ball Valves: These are shut-off valves equipped with a rotary ball with bore. The rotary ball controls the flow of liquid or gas. Our used ball valves can be used as control valves for liquids and gases or as a shut-off valve.
  • Solenoid Valves: These are electromechanical valves used to control gas or liquid flow. Our used solenoid valves are used to shut off, dose, release, mix or distribute various types of fluids in industrial processes.
  • Globe Valves: These valves comprise a disc element or a movable plug, and a stationary ring seat housed in a spherical body. We provide used globe valves, which are extensively used for regulating pressures or flow of liquids or gases or for completely shutting them off in various industrial facilities.
  • Check Valves: These liquid process valves are used to prevent the backflow of liquids in pipes.  
  • Control Valves: The control valves rely on the signals of the controller to control the fluid flow. It does so by varying the size of the passage through which the fluid flows. Our used control valves are quite popular because they allow users to control the flow of fluids directly and achieve desired outcomes.
  • Plug Valves: These valves are offered with conically or cylindrically tapered plugs. The plugs are rotated inside the body of the valve to control the fluid flow. We process big orders for used plug valves because they assure excellent flow regulation, fire safety, reliability, and versatility.
  • Gate Valves: These are used as linear motion isolation valves, which works by allowing or stopping the flow of fluids. Used gate valves in our inventory have been used in various water and wastewater management applications to isolate the specific areas of the water supply network during repairs, maintenance, and new installations.

How Does A Ball Valve Work?

Our selection features a wide range of used stainless steel ball valves from Jamesbury and other popular brands. Many of our used Jamesbury ball valves have been extensively used in sanitary applications. We believe the following advantages offered by these valves have contributed to their popularity.

  • Our used ball valves are made from stainless steel, a corrosion resistant material, known for its durability and lightweight.
  • These valves have high flow capacity and low-pressure drop. It doesn’t affect the fluid flow when the valve is opened fully.
  • The simple quarter-turn mechanism makes them simple and easy to use.
  • Unlike many other used liquid process valves available with us, these valves require less maintenance. The valve stem rotates without axial movements, which causes less wear and tear on the packing seal of the valve stem.
  • Be it new or used ball valves, they are easy to repair. The worn parts can be replaced easily.
  • These valves withstand high temperatures.

Where would you use a ball valve?

Liquid Process Valves are used for controlling the flow of normal liquids and gases, as well as corrosive fluids, slurries, and many more across the following industries:

  • Food and beverage
  • Manufacturing
  • Chemical storage
  • Oil and gas storage

How Does 3-Way Solenoid Valve Work?

Used ball valves or used globe valves – our experts have answered it multiple times over the years. If you have been facing this confusion, the following pointers will help ease the selection.

  • Shut-off Mechanism: The ball valve has a fast shut-off because it requires only a quarter turn to close it. However, globe valves require a complete shut-off or 360-degree shut-off to turn off the valve.
  • Visual Inspection: The closed or open state of the ball valve can be easily identified, whereas sometimes, it becomes difficult to understand these states in globe valves.
  • Cost: Depending on the features, the used ball valves may be slightly expensive.
  • Installation Area: Both these valves are offered in a compact footprint, so they may not require high installation space.
  • Leakage: Used ball valves can create tight seals and offer excellent performance for an extended time period. However, globe valves can be more prone to leaks in some applications. Our experts will help you analyze the chances of leakage in certain applications.

Why Choose Used and Surplus Liquid Process Valves?

We take pride in our product selection, which features one of the extensive ranges of used and surplus liquid process valves. The following reasons make these valves extremely popular with our customers. 

  • Used Valves from Leading Brands: Our product inventory is curated to include only the best used liquid process valves. With us, you can find popular Jamesbury ball valves, AT Controls valves, and so on. These valves have been used for liquid process control for several years now.
  • Competitive Prices: New liquid process valves are expensive, which many small facility owners find unaffordable. Our used liquid process valves are offered at competitive prices, almost one-fourth of the original price, and help save money for small-scale businesses.
  • Minimal Carbon Emissions: Used and surplus liquid process valves are already listed on our website and have been used successfully by our clients. You can be relaxed with the knowledge no energy expenditure was involved recently in their manufacturing. This would help you reduce your carbon emissions and focus on productivity.
  • Low Depreciation Value: The value of depreciation in used equipment is usually less than a new equipment. This same goes true for used and surplus liquid process valves, too.

JM Industrial assures outstanding values in quality used equipment, as a result, our used and surplus liquid process valves and other equipment are shipped worldwide. Our large inventory can provide you all the equipment you need. The right selection of the equipment may get overwhelming due to the vast inventory. However, you need not panic. Our experts will guide you through the right selection by explaining to you the benefits of different liquid process valves listed on this page. Our experts would be happy to help you find the solution for your needs including  Butterfly ValvesDiverter ValvesKnife Gate Valves  , Rotary Valves , Spherical Valves and Other More  . Feel free to contact our experts today to place your order.

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