Mikropul Mikro-Pulsaire Top clean air plenum Model 37-8-CYL-A [PARTS]

  • Item: 01891      Model :   37-8-100
  •  MFG:  Mikropul
  •  CFM: 2600
  •   Capacity (sqft): 370

. Type 378100A, S/N 920249H1. Cylindrical design. Designed for 370 Sq Ft of filter media (Model 37-8-CYL-A) Top clean air plenum with tube sheet. Clean air plenum is constructed of carbon steel. Stainless steel tube sheet. Pressure rating is 100 inches water. 7 blow pipe header with solenoid valves. . 37 venturis, 54" id ;  59 - 1/2" od.  3" wide flange. Fan not included. Unused

FOB: Millwood, WV 25262
PRICE (each): $400

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