540 Cubic Foot Aluminum Storage Bin

  • Item: 02266   
  •  Size (cubic feet): 540

82" inside diameter x 12' straight side. 88" od flange dimension. Top is aluminum with skid resistant decking. Bolt hole drilled bottom flange. Top also. Top flanged inlet approx. 12" in center, flanged. 8" flanged inlet; 2 liftng lugs; level probe connection on one of the top nozzles. Excellent condition. Lug mounting ring and four lugs 80" down from top protruding out 9" past the ring. Ring sticks out 8". Estimated wall thickness is approx. 1/4". Unit has no discharge cone at the present time. 540 cubic foot if 60 degree cone built and installed. Price does not include cone.

FOB: Millwood, WV 25262
PRICE (each): $2400

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