1300 CFM Carbon Steel Dust Collector, 182 sq Ft

  • Item: 03792   
  •  CFM: 1300
  •   Capacity (sqft): 182

48" diameter x 21" straight side x 33" tall 60 degree cone.  Vertical center cylindrical section with door is missing from unit.  182 square feet can be achieved with  8' bags.  14 bags total.  12" discharge.  8"  clean air  outlet.  8" tangential inlet.  39" clearance from  discharge  to ground.  Dump bins are quick release.  Overall dimensions are 46" W x 9' tall x 46" L.  No pulse valves or header. Note: should install pleated cartridges to get most filter area.  Units are currently missing the center vertical section where a door would be mounted.  Collector designed for vacuum cleaning. Fan not included.

FOB: Millwood, WV 25262
PRICE (each): $1900

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