Used 9" Diameter Heavy Duty Glass Cullet Screw Auger Feeder

  • Item: 04094   
  •  MFG: Frazier-Simplex, Inc
  •  Diameter (inches): 9

Unit was previously used for feeding ground glass cullet into a furnace. 9" dia. Stainless steel screw, 1/2" thick flighting, sectional, cantilever design. 3" dia. Shaft. Carbon steel hopper 34" x 24" x 24" tall. 7.5 HP reliance duty master xe premium efficiency motor, tefc, 230/460 volt, 1.15 s.F., 213tc frame. Apg gear reducer, t10tm7a, input HP 11.9, output RPM 16.5, 42,645 in-lb. Of torque, 105.9 ratio, chain drive. Overall dimensions are 114" long x 27" wide x 53" tall. Fork truck slots in framing. Unit is complete with manual operated steel dolly with push rods and clamp handles. 8" steel wheels, v-groove for rail mount system. Made from 6" channel. Dolly is 25" wide x 66" long. Manufactured by frazier-simplex, inc. Contract # 3789. S/n-3789-3-681, s/n-3789-2-381, s/n-3789-4-681, s/n-3789-3-381, s/n-3789-7-381. Demonstration video on file. Current auger speed = 8 rpm.

FOB: Millwood, WV 25262
PRICE (each): $6500

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