1300 Cubic Foot Aluminum Bin And 9 Ft. Diameter Cyclone

  • Item: 04123   
  •  Diameter (inches): 1300

9 feet in diameter x two flanged vertical sections top section…… 10 feet tall flanged section with separate roof. Top section has two tangential inlets. Upper tangential inlet has a 20" square flanged inlet and a 10" diameter round flanged inlet. Lower tangential inlet has a 16" square tangential inlet. Sidewall where tangential inlets are is solid aluminum side sheet. Sidewall below tangential inlets is perforated plate aluminum to allow air to escape thru the sidewall of the bin. Bottom section has 8 feet of flanged vertical section that is perforated plate aluminum and then has as a lower section a solid plate of aluminum that is 8'-3" tall that is a sloping transition that transitions from 9' diameter to approx 7' square outlet flange. Bottom section has four mounting lugs in the side of the bin. This bin would be ideal for blowing a large particle material in where it will not blind the perforations and the conveying air would escape thru the sidewall and perforated top under neath of the solid roof.
75" x 84" outlet.

FOB: Millwood, WV 25262
PRICE (each): $1300

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