18" Dia X 18' L Thermal Twin Screw Cooker/mixer

  • Item: 04742   
  •  MFG: Alpo
  •  Screw Dia. (inches): 18

304 stainless steel. 5,500 lb working capacity. 3/16" thick flighting spaced every 18". Fully enclosed housing measuring 12' in length. 6' of open screw (no cover). 1" dia. Steam ports in bottom of trough to directly inject steam. 3" dia. Steam header mounted below trough. One 8" dia. Outlet on drive end. One 10" square outlet on non-drive end. One 4" dia. Port in trough. Screw rotate in opposite directions to mix material and convey to both outlets. 10" x 13" inlet in cover. 3" dia. Stainless steel shafting. 10 HP Waitsaver motor, 1175 rpm, 208-230/460 volt, 256t frame. SM-Cyclo in-line gear reducer, 17:1 ratio. chain drive and guards. 1/2 HP motor, 1725 rpm, 230/460 volt drive to operate rotating cleaning system. Originally hydro tested @ 25 psi. Manufactured by Alpo. Drawings on file.

FOB: Millwood, WV 25262
PRICE (each): $9000

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