Custom Built Wafer Board Glue Blender With Atomizer Model EL-3

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Custom built by Virginia Tech Department of Wood Research. The atomizer was purchased new in December 2003 from Coil Manufacturing, Model EL-3. Unit is basically a rotating drum with internal baffles to tumble the product being held in the rotating drum. Designed for liquid injection through spray nozzle for mixing liquid into solid. Spray nozzle manual on file. Drum is manufactured of corrosion resistant material. Drum has a plexiglass door for viewing, inserting and removing product. Drum is driven by two axle tire arrangement with variable speed drive. Drum is 6 feet in diameter and 39" deep = ~90 feetĀ³ Several controls also included. 230 volt 2 HP explosion proof DC variable speed drive included. Several more photos on file. The overall dimensions of the machine assembled is 8' - 7" tall x 7'-9" wide x 52" deep.
Weight = 1,550 lbs.

FOB: Millwood, WV 25262

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