21,280 CFM @ 7"sp Snyder General Corp Pennbarry Tubular Fan Size 365

  • Item: 08119      Model :   365
  •  MFG: Snyder General Corp.
  •  CFM: 21280
  •   Static Pressure: 7

Serial number: 4yd 00323, horizontal mount, arrangement 9, clockwise rotation, 36"ø carbon steel tubular airfoil wheel. Belt driven through a side mounted 40hp, 1770rpm, 230/460v, 3 phase, 60hz motor. 50"ø fan housing, inlet flange to outlet flange length: 64.25", center axis height: 56", base frame: 46" W x 68" L. Includes pneumatic actuated inlet vane, and companion flanges.

Capable of:
37,240 CFM at 1/2" SP (37,240 is max cfm)
35,910 CFM at 1" sp
33,250 CFM at 3" sp
29,260 CFM at 5" sp
22,610 CFM at 8" SP (8" is max sp)
Video Available

FOB: Millwood, WV 25262
PRICE (each): $3300

JM Industrial buys and sells various types of Fans & Blowers available from leading brands for all industrial applications. We have a large inventory of used and surplus Centrifugal Fans available in various specifications at an affordable price. Have a look at our 21,280 CFM @ 7"sp Snyder General Corp Pennbarry Tubular Fan Size 365. Send inquiry, ask a question or request for finance today. Do you want to sell your used or surplus Centrifugal Fans? Contact us!

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