Durametallic Durco Seals Bm Number 107837 Unused!

  • Item: 09252      Model :   107837
  •  MFG: Durametallic
  •  GPM: 0

One lot of (6) seals. Shaft size = 1.875" these seals will fit a duriron/durco centrifugal pump, mark ii group ii (1.875 in shaft) cbs (cylinderical bore small). Seal material code: i u 2 - - H h, which means hastelloy c-276 (highly corrosive resistant) metal parts, tungsten carbide vs silicon carbide faces(hard vs hard, typical in applications that have solids) and teflon encapsulated viton (typically used in nasty highly corrosive services). Drawing on file.

FOB: Millwood, WV 25262

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