Used Clyde Pneumatic Conveying Continuous Solids Charging Package

  • Item: 10909   
  •  MFG: Clyde Pneumatics
  •  Capacity (cuft): 0

Model 25/8/F-50/8/420X120W. Dense phase pneumatic conveying packages with controls and feed hoppers. Two identical packages available. Previously handled terephthalic acid “tpa". Designed to feed (tpa) with a bulk density of 56.5 lb/ft^3 at a typical rate of 21,000 lb/hr with a max of 25,000 lb/hr. The lock vessel is 25 ft^3 and the charge vessel is 50 ft^3. Most construction is 304ss.
Included with these units (upper and lower vessels and valves) is a pneumatic control panel (see photos) that has the solenoids and valves used for operation. Outside dimensions: 56"W x 56"L x 155"H

FOB: Millwood, WV 25262
PRICE (each): $25000

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