1707 Sq. Ft. Size 28-144, Type BFU Unused Shell And U-tube Heat Exchanger Cooler

  • Item: 11030   
  •  MFG: Atlas Industrial Manufacturing
  •  Size (square feet): 1707

29"diameter x 197" overall length; 5/8" tubes. Both shell and tube side are designed for full vacuum and 200 PSI at 390°f. Built in 2010 by atlas industrial manufacturing, clifton, nj. . S/N is 12507. Carbon steel shell and tubesheets ( sa-516-70 (normalized). Tubes are sa-179 seamless carbon steel. Double integral tubesheet design. 2 pass shell side; 4 pass tubeside. Unit was designed for cooling chloroform with calcium chloride brine. 8725 pounds empty. Complete specifications and drawings on digital file. Unit is fully insulated for external service. Unit was installed but never put into service.

FOB: Millwood, WV 25262

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