Used Denver Holo-flite Thermal Screw Processor Dryer model D1620-6-GED

  • Item: 11412   
  •  MFG: Denver Equipment

207 square feet of heat transfer area. Carbon steel construction. Housing and screws are carbon steel. Trough is jacketed and screw are hollow for passing liquid coolant thru unit. Unit has two screws that are nominal 16"ø with 6" pitch. Inside trough dimension measures 19'-11" long. 7.5 HP Reliance electric motor, 1750 rpm, 220/440 volt. V-belt drive to in-line gear reducer with chain drive output to 2nd gearbox with two output shaft to power both screws. . Test run video on file. Screws appear to be in excellent condition. Hydrotested both screws. No problem. Weld markings identifications numbers have not even worn off the flights yet. Material discharges on the non-driven end; drive on feed end of trough.
Jacket: 15 PSI @ 650°F
Screws: 150 PSI @ 650°F
Holo-flite weight = 8,030 lbs
drive weight = 2,090 lbs

FOB: Millwood, WV 25262

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