Used Shredder - 10" X 20"

  • Item: 13081   

18" x 20" inlet. 15" flange to flange height. No drive included (smooth, easy hand rotation of rotor). Three rows of thirteen replaceable 1.50" wide teeth. Shipping info: One skid, 50x48x21. Weight = 1,566 lbs.
There is not an I.D. tag on the shredder; We're not sure who manufactured the unit?
CUTTING/SHEAR BLADE: The bottom of the shredder is open, just like the top side is. There is no combing plate, knives or shear bar. On the front and back of the unit (long sides) there are slots and holes for jack bolts (for positioning) likely put there to hold the shear bar(s). One is located at a slightly different elevation than the opposite side.
DRIVE END: Either side. Shaft 3.50"Ø X 5" long with 7/8" keyway.

FOB: Millwood, WV 25262
PRICE (each): $4500

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