Used 1-1/2" Vibra Screw Feeder with Vibrating Bin Hopper, Stainless Steel

  • Item: 13678   
  •  MFG:  Vibra Screw
  •  Diameter (inches): 1.5

This is a used, Vibra Screw vibrating bin/hopper and stainless steel screw feeder system. The stainless feeder is fed by the top bin and vibrated by two vibra screw electric vibrators, model VE3/36/120. One vibrator works the hopper/bin and one works at the base of the feeder to ensure product continues to move. This machine is also equipped with a round vibrating baffle at the bottom of the bin/hopper to help evenly distribute your dry solid into the below screw feeding system.

These particular units were feeding sodium bicarbonate as a dry sorbent injection system into the hot flue gas duct of a coal fired power plant to react with S02, S03, HC1, HF and some NOX. This process is a pollution control technology that is very cost effective. Sodium bicarbonate is none hazardous material. These units could be easlily cleaned and re-purposed for your application.

Manufacturer: Vibra Screw
Serial number: 2006297
Motor: .75 hp
Volts: 230/460
Amps: 1.3/.65
Phase: 3
Hertz: 60
Motor RPM: 1725

Length of stainless steel feeder shaft: 28 inches from center of hopper exit / screw entrance.

Model: VE3/36/120
Hp: .22
Rpm: 3600
Phase: 3
Hertz: 60
Volts: 230/460
Amps: .56/.28

Item dimensions: 64 inches long x 36 inches wide x 64 inches tall
Approx weight: 1,000 pounds
Demonstration video available. Max screw auger speed = 178 rpm
With the 1-1/2"Ø screw you can expect 0.4 (minimum) to 8.0 (maximum) cubic feet per hour.
(We have the same feeder configured with a 3"Ø screw should you require more capacity)

FOB: Millwood, WV 25262

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