UNUSED Andritz Conditioner Stainless Twin Agitator Mixer Pug Mill Model DA30-21 14219

  • Item: 14219      Model :   DA30-21
  •  MFG: Andritz
  •  Size (cubic feet): 0

Andritz Feed and Biofuel Screw Mixer, Model-DA30-21 Series 2 S/N- 132090174-2012
All Stainless Steel Construction, 6 Additive Ports, Gear Box Assembly With FAZ 107 AD
30HP, 460 volt, 1765RPM, 3 phase, 60Hz with belt/gear drive.
Dimensions: 3'-4" W x 4'-8" H x 28'-8" L
Shipping Weight: 12,500 lbs
Drawings on file

Applications: Corn Wet Milling, Bio Ethanol, Waste and By-Products and other

This versatile Double Agitator Mixer (or DA Mixer, also known as a pug mill) continuously mixes all types of products including dry materials, free-flowing powders, thin slurries, and thick pastes. The compact design of this DA Mixer allows installation in low-headroom areas. Mixing intensity, retention time, and product appearance can be controlled simply by changing the agitator speed or paddle settings

The DA Mixer is designed for both standard or corrosive/abrasive applications. It is supplied in a stainless steel construction and with bearings which are isolated from the product zone. Both of these features are designed to help preserve the integrity of your process blend/formulation as well as to extend the life of your machine. Typical uses for the DA Mixer are adding molasses or fat to animal feeds and water to meals and filter dusts; sewage sludge and lime/wood chips; corn gluten and steepwater; filter cake and dried, recycled fiber; explosive slurries; and human foods. Many DA Mixers, in non-abrasive applications, have been in operation for more than 30 years.

FOB: Millwood, WV 25262
PRICE (each): $96800

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