Used 8.5 Ton Air Cooled Water Chiller GNR16 Temperature Control System Package

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Serial number: M02820-08/CW. Overall dimensions: 84x84x76. Weight = 2,795 lbs.
High Purity De-Ionized Water Temperature Control System
Equipment is designed to cool 20 GPM of highly purified water to 18° C +/- 2° at incoming DI water temperatures between 50° F and 75° F. Temperature control will be achieved through indirect cooling of the DI water using a double walled, plate and frame heat exchanger with process water that modulates between 50° F and 70° F. Precise DI water temperature control is achieved through the use of a 3-way valve on the process side of the heat exchanger using a PID loop controlled from the leaving DI water temperature. This equipment consists of the following:
(1) Temperature Control Skid complete with the following:
• (1) 8.5 ton air cooled refrigeration unit, model DE10ACOD. The unit shall have a capacity of 8.5 tons of refrigeration operating at an entering condenser air temperature of 95° F. Includes the system circulation pump and all operating controls for the refrigeration unit.
• (1) Double Walled Plate and frame heat exchanger with 58.13 ft2 surface area designed to provide heating/cooling of the DI water at a 5° F approach to the process water temperature. Plate material will be type 316 stainless steel with NBR gaskets. This heat exchanger is designed for use with highly purified DI water and includes passivated and electro polished plates with 2" tri-clamp connections on the DI water side of the heat exchanger
• (1) 3-way modulating temperature control valve for precise DI water temperature controlled from the leaving DI water temperature
• (1) 45 kW Circulation heater designed with Incloy elements
• All process piping and fittings will be Type L Copper and each component will include quick connect unions to allow for the quick change of individual system components.
• All skid components will be painted blue with primer and 2 coats of industrial grade enamel paint.
• All interconnecting piping will be insulated with 1/2″ Armaflex insulation.
• (1) System Control Cabinet will be mounted to the temperature control skid. All power and control wiring connections to the temperature control skid will be with quick connect plugs to facilitate the change out to the stand-by skid with minimal downtime. Includes the following:
• NEMA type 4 rated.
• 750 VA Control transformer for single point electrical feed.
• Fuse blocks and contactors for the chiller and SCR controller for the heater.
• (3) Temperature Transmitters
• Allen Bradley MicroLogix PLC for complete system control
• MoniTouch HMI operator interface
• Alarms consisting of high and low temperature
• Auto / Stop selector switch.
• Panel Mounted Non-Fused Disconnect

FOB: Millwood, WV 25262

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