Used 9" x 10' l Sanitary Screw feeder Auger with 90 cu/ft Stainless Steel Hopper

  • Item: 15094   
  •  Diameter (inches): 9

Constructed of 12Ga welded stainless steel sheet. 48" diameter with 66" long straight side of bin. Dished head top cover with scale valve installed. Bin hopper transitions to a 10" X 48" flange connection to auger. Three equally spaced saddle bracket supports, 4 hoist lugs (top), hinged side inspection panel. Installed with pneumatic vibrator on hopper and Shick 6" bottom diverter valve on flanged product inlet. 9"Ø x 10' long Screw feeder with tapered shaft. Auger speed currently = 23 RPM.
Previous use: flour

FOB: Millwood, WV 25262
PRICE (each): $11000

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