Used Metal Belt Conveyor - 33"w X 84"

  • Item: 15195   
  •  Width (inches): 32

Carbon steel belt, galvanized side cladding, structural steel base frame. DRIVE: 1.75HP, 200 volt AC brushless servomotor (sigma 5 series) with encoder. CONTROLLER: Polaris DP-20 web guide controller keypad display.
(2) 3"Ø duct connections off of the belt. 1/32"Ø holes spaced ever ¾".
1/16" thick belt.
20"Ø drum (approximately)
Fixed speed. 200V single phase.
Overall dimensions: 55" wide x 105" long x 41" high. Weight = 2,117 lbs.

FOB: Millwood, WV 25262
PRICE (each): $4200

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