Used 500lb NBE National Bulk Equipment Lift & Seal Drum Dumper Discharger

  • Item: 15272   
  •  MFG: NBE Inc.

Designed to dump 22.75"Ø x 31" high drums. Load Design: Drum is manually loaded onto platform that lifts the container to the seal position. Hydraulic System: System operates using (1) hydraulic cylinder to seal the container to the hood and (1) hydraulic cylinder to rotate the container to discharge position. Hydraulic valve stack controls working pressure and speed of hydraulic cylinder motions. Hydraulic power unit specifications include: 1.5 HP motor, 2 GPM pump. Ring with 4 mesh screen to block passage of large foreign objects. Pneumatic thumper beneath the drum gravity roller base. Fork pockets and outriggers for portability. Application specifications include: Discharge Height: 68", Degrees of Rotation: 150°, Process Rate: 50 lbs in 40 seconds. Overall Dimensions: 37.569" x 52.296" x 132.357".

FOB: Millwood, WV 25262

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