Used 5,600 CFM Pulse Jet Round Aluminum Dust Collector 800 sq ft

  • Item: 15554   
  •  CFM: 5600
  •   Capacity (sqft): 800

Collector housing is constructed aluminum. Housing dimensions: 94" diameter, 105" straight side, 60° bottom cone with 8"Ø flanged discharge. Dirty air inlet: 12"Ø. Clean air outlet: 14" X 25" flanged. The flat top cover has two 16"Ø clamp-on access hatches. 20" X 36" hinged bag access doors located on opposite sides. Complete with air header, timer box, and solenoid valves. Designed for (80) 84" bottom load bags and cages. Shipping dimensions: 100" wide x 15'-6" long x 9'-3" high. Demonstration video available.

FOB: Millwood, WV 25262
PRICE (each): $9800

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