Used Herbold Disc Pulverizer - Model PU 800 GR (fine grinding)

  • Item: 15712      Model :   800GR
  •  MFG: Herbold

Serial number 12291; Order Number 10-05-02. Built in 2010. Rotates freely by hand. Complete with motor and base. Direct drive. Rotor diameter: 27". 70 inches tall x 92 inches long x 51 inches wide. Manufacturer: Herbold, Meckesheim GMBH, Germany. Overall dimensions: 93" long x 55" wide x 74" high. Weight = 7,850 lbs.
Particle size needs to be no larger than 1/4" serrated disc and no larger than 3/8" for screen basket.
Material being processed cannot be hard like a rock, must be able to break apart or have the ability to fracture.
No metals can be ran through this unit.
*Dosing unit to feed and monitoir flow is required.

FOB: Millwood, WV 25262

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