• Item: 15714   
  •  MFG: Tricor Metals
  •  Size (cubic feet): 25

Tank wall: 11GA. 304L stainless steel. 36 inch diameter by 30 inch straight side by 60° cone with 6 inch food grade outlet. Outlet to base of legs is approximately 27 inches clearance. Overall height is approximately 90 inches. Cover has a hinged lid halfway across and two fittings: One fitting is a nominal 3 inch and 1 fitting is a normal inch and a half. Side of hopper has three stainless steel 3 inch fittings with three PVC flange screwed fittings. Hopper overall height to flanged outlet is 63 inches. Stainless steel construction. Excellent condition. Manufactured by Tricor Metals Ohio Division, Wooster, Ohio. Built in 2010. Shipping info: One skid, 96x45x48. Weight = 405 lbs.

FOB: Millwood, WV 25262
PRICE (each): $5000

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