Unused Stainless Steel New York Centrifugal Blower Fan Hi Temp Series 45

  • Item: 15955   
  •  MFG:  New York Blower
  •  CFM: 7814
  •   Static Pressure: 16.1

UNUSED New York Blower, Size 33, Series 45 GI, All 316 stainless steel in air contact
Original design spec: 7814 cfm at 16.1 " SP@ 0.0412 density at 462°F at 2235 rpm at 33.87 BHP.
Built: 2013
File Number: 2013-01869-02
Wheel: Type LS. 316 stainless steel
Arrangement 1; motor position "W" with unitary base
Rotation: CCW, BAU.
Shaft: 316 stainless steel
Shaft seal: Ceramic-felt, Heat Fan 301 to 650°F, recessed, 316 stainless steel
Housing: 316 stainless steel with High Temperature Grey coating
4" of thermal metal cladding per TI 13-440
Heat fan construction suitable for temperatures 301-1000°F
Special separate inlet and outlet connectors, stainless steel rated for up to 750°F with 316 stainless steel flanges.
Clean out door: Bolted-raised, 316 stainless; 9:00 position.
Drain in housing: 316 stainless
Flanged inlet and outlet: steel
Belt, shaft, and bearing guard

Motor: 40 HP 1800 rpm, 3-60-230/460 TE Premium efficiency frame; 324T frame Baldor.
Drive: V-belt drive constant speed, service factor = 1.30
Demonstration video on file.

FOB: Millwood, WV 25262

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