7300 cfm at 10" S. P. Unused New York Blower NYB Fan AcoustaFoil Size 18

  • Item: 16093      Model :   18 ACF
  •  MFG:  New York Blower
  •  CFM: 7300
  •   Static Pressure: 10

Shop# G-3471-100. Weight = 594 lbs.
Fan is unused and does not have a motor installed. NYB Shop# G-3471-100.
Overall dimensions: 36"x58"x40"
Fan is rated for 7300 cfm @ 10" s.p. at 3500 rpm at 15.8 BHP at 70°F. Fan is designed to have a motor mounted that is 20 HP, 3600 rpm, 256T frame.
Fan rotation is CW UB, Arrangement 8, single width, Class 3, Size 18, ACF (Acoustafoil) type of wheel.
Flanged inlet and outlet.
Designed to use Flexible coupling #1040T10, Falk Straight bore ( not included)
Coupling, shaft and bearing guards.
Narrow width construction, 89.5%
Shaft turned down
heavy duty housing of 1/4" drive side plate and housing side sheets, scroll and cut off sheet.

FOB: Millwood, WV 25262
PRICE (each): $3000
Quantity: 1

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