Unused 82 Sq. Ft. ITT Standard Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger, Two Pass Tubeside

  • Item: 16096      Model :   5-046-10-053-001
  •  MFG: ITT Industries Inc.
  •  Size (square feet): 82

ITT Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger. Tube side and shell side designed for 150 psi @ 300°F. Two pass tubeside.
Part number SY504600156200. Model number 5-046-10-053-001. Serial Number 997027-01-2, National Board No: 169537
ITT STANDARD #10053 CRK Exchanger.
Year built: 2008
Removable tube bundle. With lantern ring (nylon) and packing ring (synthetic rubber).
Carbon steel shell and bonnets.
2" 150# flanged inlet and outlet on tube side. 2" flanged inlet and outlet on shell side.
Shell diameter is 10.75" O.D. Overall length is 66.5".

Drawing on file.

Item is unused.

Serial Number 997027-01-2
National Board # 169537

FOB: Millwood, WV 25262

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