Surplus Twin Screw Dual Feeder Auger Conveyor 6" Dia. X 6'-8" Long

  • Item: 16350   
  •  Screw Dia. (inches): 6
  •   Length (feet): 6.66

UNUSED All carbon steel construction. Full bolt-on cover with inspection hatch above discharge. Product inlet is a 6"Ø sleeve centered on the top of a drop-thru, open bottom (flanged) hopper. Discharge is thru twin 6"Ø sleeve connections on the drive end. Installed point level switch in hopper. Hinged inspection hatch at discharge with proximity switch. Each screw is separately powered by a 1.5HP gearmotor for hazardous locations (230/460 volt, 60Hz, 3 ph)
Current auger speed = 27 RPM. Demonstration video on file. Shipping Info: Skid 145" X 38" X 42" 878LBS

FOB: Millwood, WV 25262
PRICE (each): $8250

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