Surplus Schenck Mac Process AVRC Round Filter Receiver Model 39AVRC14

  • Item: 16365      Model :   39AVRC14
  •  MFG: Schenck Process
  •  CFM: 0
  •   Capacity (sqft): 504

All welded carbon steel construction. Style 3 (60° cone hopper bottom) without structural support stand. The 40" diameter, 3-section housing stands 131.87" tall when assembled. Installed with 4- point saddle brackets at top of hopper section. 18" X 30" hinged service door for filter access. 4" O.D. dust-laiden air inlet sleeve connection. 6"Ø flanged clean air outlet.
504 square feet of filter area
Also Included:
Timer control enclosure & air header assembly
14 poli-pleet filter cartridges
Hi & low level flow paddlewheel switches (Model RA-HMAC)
Fluidizer air pads installed on hopper to assist with material flow.
Item is unused.
Dimensional drawing available

FOB: Millwood, WV 25262
PRICE (each): $12500

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