Used 20,000 CFM DustKop Industrial Shaker Dust Collector Model FH58-6

  • Item: 16810      Model :   FH58-6
  •  MFG: Aget Manufacturing
  •  Capacity (sqft): 4200

AGET FILTERKOP shaker-type filter units are designed to improve air quality and provide a safer work environment by removing fine dust particles from high volume exhaust airstreams. Often used after cyclones, FILTERKOP after-filters remove fine dust that passes through the cyclone. This process yields clean environmentally safe air which can be recirculated back into the work area, where allowed. Woven fabric filter material provides an extremely high filtration efficiency, and is intermittently reconditioned by the motorized filter shaker mechanism. The modular design allows for multiple assemblies to be combined to maximize filtration in high volume industrial operations.

• High efficiency woven fabric filter material
• Standard 5" diameter cotton sateen filter tubes
• Positive sealing snap-ring cuff filter tubes
• Standard motorized shaker mechanism
• Component bolt-together design and construction
• Supporting structural steel base frame
• Weather resistant powder coated finish
• Compatible with both pull-through and push-through configurations
• Access door and interior aisle for easy maintenance and filter change-out

Model FH58-6
480 Filter Tubes
4200 Square Feet of filter area
8,500 to 23,000 CFM
180 cubic feet of dust storage
Approx 30' L x 7.5' W x18' H
Shipping weight approximately 10,500 lbs
Previous use: envelope factory – paper dust
Fan sold separately.
Manufactured in May 2001

FOB: Millwood, WV 25262
PRICE (each): $20900

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