Denver Holo-flite Processor Dryer Mdl Q2424-6-ded Used (Item 17112)

  • Item: 17112      Model :   Q2424-6-DED
  •  MFG: Denver Equipment

S/N-196042-002E. 316 stainless steel. 1227 square feet of heat transfer area. Screws: four screws each 24 inch diameter x 24 feet long , 6 inch pitch. ASME design and code stamped for 175 PSIG at 650°f. Trough is jacketed and code stamped for 175 PSIG at 650°f. Welds ground smooth. Insulation spikes for 3" insulation on trough. Internals of trough and vapor dome designed for 3 PSIG and 30" W.C. Vacuum. Vapor dome: with vapor outlet of 42" I.D x 46" O.D x 1/2" thick. 48 holes 1/2" on collector designed to support 1500 lbs and two inspection ports. Constructed of 316L stainless steel. Stiffening bars on outside of vapor dome. Several nozzles for temperature, steam snuffing, etc.
Drive: Sumitomo gearmotor, M3265/19-B, 493:1 ratio, 228,000 in-lb output rating motor be a 6 pole 1200 rpm, TEFC, 3 phase, 230/460 /60 hz Nema design b with winding thermostat add for chemical duty. Coupling is 1150 t 10 falk steel flex. Speed indicator and soleplate for under gearmotor only.
Manual & drawings on file.
Overall dimensions: 86" wide x 37'-5" long (including drive) x 78" high

FOB: Millwood, WV 25262
PRICE (each): $195000

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