Used WAMFLO Stainless Steel Filter Receiver Dust Collector with Fan

  • Item: 17398   
  •  MFG: WAM
  •  CFM: 0

304 stainless steel construction above hopper section
39.3" I.D. sectional housing with flanged clamp-ring connections
70° bottom hopper with installed 8.5"Ø flanged dust-laden air inlet and inspection port
5.5"Ø flanged solids dichharge
Top installed 3HP end-suction centrifugal fan w/ 11" X 7" flanged outlet
Compressed air jet filter cleaning with timer/enclosure (coompressed air required)
Supply: 220-480VAC, 60Hz, 3ph
included stainless steel tube frame that can also house a pre-filter

FOB: Millwood, WV 25262
PRICE (each): $7500

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