Surplus 33HP (25KW) Carbon Steel Vertical Auger Mixer

  • Item: 17487   
  •  Size (cubic feet): 0

Enameled mild steel construction of the mixing chamber (3/16" plate steel)
Designed as a bottom product entry (6"Ø sleeve inlet), into a vertical conveying chamber installed with an 11"Ø internal auger that continually delivers product to the upper octagonal mixing chamber (23.5" inside). As product is conveyed and agitated upward filling the chamber, it is forced over a 17" wide adjustable weir gate discharge.
Bottom installed with 4" pneumatic slide gate to empty mixing chamber
4" square structural tube frame with a 33.5"W X 41"L footprint & 98" overall height
Top-mounted with a 33HP (25kW) motor, belt driven with guard
Supply power: 440V 60Hz

FOB: Millwood, WV 25262
PRICE (each): $9350

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