New! Carolina Bulk Bag Filling Super Sack Station

  • Item: 18162   
  •  MFG: Carolina Conveying

Rated for 4,000 lbs
Typically bag size = 38x38x56". Platform measures 48"x48".
Bulk Bag Filler Stations are used to safely and efficiently
load bulk bags. A filling head with inflatable seal is used for dust
tight loading of the bulk bag, and bolts to the adjustable height
framework. The inlet to the filling head is connected to the
customer's equipment above via a flexible tube. The bag spout is
secured to the outlet with an inflatable seal. The seal inflation is
controlled by a manual on/off spool valve, which pipes air to the unit.
A cavity around the outer perimeter allows displaced air and dust to
exit the filling head through a dust extraction nozzle.

Support Frame with Adjustable Rack
Support Arms: Four adjustable height arms for loop type bags
Inlet: 8" Round Flange, ASA 150# Bolt Hole Pattern
Inflatable Seal: White Seamless Gum Rubber Tube
Dust Spigot: 3" OD Tube
Weigh Platform with digital scale.

Contact us for more information.

FOB: Millwood, WV 25262
PRICE (each): $14000

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