Used Bunting Quicktron Mesutronic Metal Detector Separator ON 3.4 R 100

  • Item: 18784      Model :   ON 3.4 R 100
  •  MFG: Mesutronic

Serial # 920836-ON
Single phase 100-240 Volt input.
Shipping info: One skid, 36x36x20
92 LBS
Gravity drop-thru style, triple-coil metal separator for plastics and recycling. 4"Ø sleeve connections (inlet/outlet/reject). Metals are separated from product flow without process interruptions. Pneumatic controlled reject. Requires compressed air and 100-240 volts. Housing dimensions: 15.5"W X 21"H X 13"D.

FOB: Millwood, WV 25262
PRICE (each): $5000

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