Used 24"dia. Stainless Horizontal Steam Scalder Heating Screw Cooker Auger 18'L

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Constructed of all stainless steel material
Elevated U-trough design, double flanged with stiffener ribs and hinged full-length covers
Trough bottom is also installed with steam diffusers and temperature sensors along the length
Steam enters into a pair of 2"Ø headers two-zone (fore & aft) bottom trough injection ports
Steam also is supplied thru a rotary joint into the Ø8" hollow shaft of the auger through a series of perforated holes along the shaft
Product is metered into the trough with an installed stainless steel 24" X 8" rotary feeder on the drive end
It is then conveyed by the auger through the steam bath to a flanged discharge (53" from floor elev.)
The continuous welded flighting has a nominal thickness of 5/32", and is pitched at 12"
Length of material conveyed: 16'-8" between inlet/outlet centers
Powered by a 2HP gearmotor/chain reduction drive (auger)
Supply: 230/460VAC, 60Hz, 3ph
Unit will require a process steam source

FOB: Millwood, WV 25262
PRICE (each): $30000

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